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The Batik Boutique Jewelry Roll

Artisan Organization: The Batik Boutique 

Country: Malaysia 

The Batik Boutique in Malaysia provides women life skills and sewing training that gives them an opportunity to support their families while stepping outside of their comfort zones and into a position to thrive.

Like all Batik artisans, Zana (pictured in the red headscarf), a single mother, lives in high-rise, low-income housing in rural Malaysia and has many children, seven in her case! On top of her day job, Zana sews with Batik after hours to make all the ends meet, and to give her children the chance to go beyond their circumstances. GlobeIn’s order for your luxurious new jewelry-roll provided three months of work for fourteen artisans such as Zana.

The fabric of your roll was hand-dyed through the ancient process of batik with toxic-free dye from the mangosteen fruit. Let its smartly designed compartments take the hassle of out of traveling with your jewelry.