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Spring Clean Box

Our mission for this box is to get you geared up (literally) to clean, and maybe even...excited for it? For starters, let’s do some re-framing. Forget tedious chore and think sanctified ritual—you certainly wouldn’t be alone in doing so.

In Iran, for example, the March 21st vernal equinox signals the new year, and involves the tradition of “shaking the house” — use your imagination. And in China, sweeping the house in preparation for the new year is considered a way of sweeping out any bad luck that may have accumulated in the past one.

No matter where you are in the world, the opening of tiny new buds in spring suggests a chance to start fresh. We hope the items in this box help you to invite a sense of spaciousness into the home in which to nurture whatever fragile, fledgling life you find winking and hopeful beneath the pile of last year.