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Soap Nuts Sampler

Country: Nepal

What could be cleaner than eco-friendly laundry soap? Your soap nuts come straight from the ritha tree, as it is known in Nepal, a member of the lychee family. When the fruits ripen and fall from the tree, locals harvest them, remove the seeds, and dry the fruits in the sun. When the shell absorbs water it releases a natural sudsing detergent known as saponin, which behaves the same way as commercial laundry detergent, just without the chemicals.

As you may have already guessed, soap nuts can be a great alternative for people with skin allergies and other chemical sensitivities. Don’t worry if you notice a funky smell coming off them before use--that’s the saponin, but your clothes won’t smell anything but fresh after the wash.

Using your soap nuts means more than just clean laundry and low environmental impact. Our suppliers in Nepal are putting some of the revenue toward relief for victims of the recent earthquake. So, suds up.