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Manos Zapotecas Sierra Antonia Market Tote

Artisan Organization: Manos Zapotecas 

Country: Mexico

Rocio learned the art of textile dyeing and weaving from her mother. At age six she was tasked with preparing the wool for the loom and eventually took on more advanced parts of the process. At 13 she began weaving in earnest and dedicated herself to the family business whenever she wasn’t in school. To this day, she credits her mother for motivating her to continue growing and improving in her work.

Rocio studied tourism at the University of Oaxaca, which has helped immensely in her personal weaving business and her work with Manos Zapotecas. Her husband Omar and her have two children, a boy and a girl who are both in elementary school. While Rocio is very dedicated to her weaving work, raising her children is her top priority.

“Weaving is a beautiful and noble work that allows me to care for my kids but still fulfill my dream of being creative. It’s what I love to do,” she said.

 Rocio is a true artist who loves the creativity of creating unique patterns and combining colors in new ways. She says that designing is her favorite part of the process and loves getting to see her idea become the final product.

 “When I see a bag a designed I say, ‘Oh yes, that’s how I imagined it!’” she said with a bright smile, “It’s very cool.”