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Manos Zapotecas Autumn Afternoon Lupita Clutch

Artisan Organization: Manos Zapotecas 

Country: Mexico

Marcos is a 26-year-old weaver who exemplifies respect for tradition while embracing modern life. Born and raised in the same house on the outskirts of Teotitlan, he has walked the dirt road into town to attend school almost daily since age five. Later, he walked the road to catch to village bus into Oaxaca City for high school, and then while attending the Technological University. He is now a proud engineering college graduate, one of the few young people in the village to hold this honor.

But for all his worldly experience, there is no question in this young man’s mind that a major part of his heart and soul still lives in the village. His eyes literally sparkle as he proudly shows off the rug designs that earned him the money for university. His father taught him to weave at an early age, and his mother is also a weaver, although both parents also work very hard to tend the fields and animals that feed the family.

Marcos has spent much of the last year in the US where he attended many fairs and trade shows with Manos Zapotecas, often getting to demonstrate his weaving skills live. He is living his of dream being able to share my art with the world, and “a little bit of what Oaxaca has to offer.”

“My inspiration comes from images from the region in which I live. I love to weave patterns inspired by our traditional forms and the images of Oaxaca, of the Zapotec culture,” he said.