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Le Souk Bowl

Artisan Organization: Le Souk Ceramique

Country: Tunisia

Your bowl comes from Nabeul, a city on the Mediterranean coast of northeastern Tunisia and the center of Tunisian pottery. Le Souk Ceramique, a craft studio established in 1997, has played a vital role in putting talented artisans to work in good, collaborative conditions focused on a team approach. 

Just 26 years old, Maryam Aya is one of Le Souk’s younger artists, responsible for painting the dots of your bowl’s Qamara design. Le Souk hired her straight out of art school in 2012, at the height of youth unemployment after the EU financial crisis and the 2011 Tunisian revolution.

Unmarried and living at at home, Maryam uses her Le Souk income to help provide for her family while also beginning to save for her own household—that is, if and when she meets the right gentleman.