Laundry Box

Typically, most of us consider the laundry to be a drag. But what if it were an indulgence? The products in this kit invite you to reconnect with a sense of gratitude at the joy of washing, to think of the laundry as a small, daily ceremony of renewal in harmony with the environment and echoing with the traditions of earth-centered livelihoods around the world.

Use your laundry bag to saunter gleefully, and functionally, to the laundromat, basement, riverbank, or wherever your laundry journey takes you. Suds things up with your soap nuts for a chemical-free wash, then slip your handmade dryer balls out of their soft cotton bag and toss them in with your clothes for more softness on the other side.

The word laundry goes at least as far back as its lovely Latin root, lavāre – to wash. The act of doing the laundry connects us with our ancestors, while the products in your kit connect you to different ways this tradition is carried out around the world. Enjoy!