Jewelry Box

Artisan Organization: Tribe Alive

Adorn yourself. You needn’t wait for a special occasion to frame the lovely body that is yours with some bling. The delicate yet funky, regal yet spare pieces waiting in this special box are simple enough for a daily accent, august enough to say, I honor myself, I am an expression of beauty in the world.

We created your jewelry box in collaboration with Tribe Alive, a social fashion business founded on the belief that there is nothing more fashionable than giving back. Tribe Alive partners with artisan collectives around the world, providing them a vital connection to the global marketplace, while offering training and support.

Your new charms, made specially for this collection, amplify the profound growth their partnership has already generated with Mi Esperanza in Honduras and Maya Traditions in Guatemala. Because fashion is meant to make a statement. And these pieces truly do.



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