Ilocano Asin Sea Salt

Artisan Organization: Xroads

Country: The Philippines 

The craft of making natural sea salts is something to see: a wonder to the eye of glistening white salt crystals across the land. Xroads strives to partner directly with ‘asinderos’ – salt farmers – who continue to preserve age old techniques, care for the land and the asin they produce.

Asin is a mild, mineral-rich sea salt. This is a moist, naturally white sea salt from the pure seawaters of Pangasinan. Wonderful, bright, crisp flavors powered by underlying minerals define this complex and well-balanced sea salt. Use for grilling, roasting and finishing to boost all foods from sweet to savory.

Leaves of the romblon plant, woven by a network of women weavers on the tiny island of Cabilao, form the durable and eco-friendly box housing your new asin.