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Hebron Glass Heart Dish

Artisan Organization: Hebron Glass

Country: Palestinian Territories

Meet Husam, whose skillful painter’s hand deftly tends to the fine eddies and curves of the traditional Palestinian floral design gracing your new plate. Having grown up in the ancient city of Hebron, Husam has a special love for its old houses, walls, and streets. Their architecture, like the antique floral design of this heart­ shaped plate, tells a rich story of past and place, a place in which Husam is deeply rooted and that he hopes through his artwork will be connected with love to the rest of the world.

Established in 1890, Hebron Glass is a family company employing 60 artisans who receive fair wages and have sustainable work. The ornate, hand­painted floral design of this plate is an aesthetic staple of Palestinian heritage, curlicuing its way through mosques, homes, clothing—and many thousands of years.