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Entertain Box

Artisan Organization: GlobeIn

Dear Hosts and Hostesses,

We all know how much fun it is to be a guest, but with this special kit we’re all about things on the other side of the apron, and the deep satisfaction to be had from gathering one’s friends and family together and nourishing them. Sure, it is an effort, but the radiant contentment sparked by the experience of hosting is oh so worth it. Like a happy, full belly for the soul.  

And since part of the joy of hosting comes from doing it with your very own flavor and flair, we’ve collected these wares from remote corners of the globe help to inspire your personal brand of coziness. Consider it a box of helping hands—those of the various artisans responsible for carving your new neem wood spice bowl and salad grabbers, weaving your soft cotton dish towel and palm leaf bottle basket, and harvesting your artisanal sea salt. Happy party planning!