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Craft Boat

Artisan Organization: Craft Boat & Tribe Alive

Country: India

Sometimes in life, the going gets tough and we don’t know where, when, or how an opening will present itself. That impulse of the human spirit to keep moving, that faith that somehow something will give if we do, is a gift!

In a time of great duress, our featured artisan, Heena, along with her husband, moved from Calcutta to Jaipur in search of opportunity and “better luck.” It was there she found Craft Boat, and, luckily, just at the time when the company was hiring extra help to fulfill GlobeIn’s order.

Heena describes Craft Boat as her “place of peace,” where her packaging, stock management, and quality oversight responsibilities prevent her from wallowing in the personal hardships of her home, and allow her to focus on something constructive that contributes to the betterment of her family.