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Boca Java Direct Harvest Coffee

Artisan Organization: Boca Java

Country: Nicaragua 

Boca Java sources their Nicaraguan single origins coffees via Direct Trade relationship with a family-owned, environmentally-friendly coffee farm that was established in the late 1850's. In 1992, the coffee estate revitalized and modernized its nearly 150 year old coffee farm for the 21st century. The people are hard working, friendly, and very proud of the quality of their crop.

Boca Java supports Fair Trade, but they also aim to go beyond Fair Trade with Direct Trade buying relationships. Direct Trade allows them to work directly with farmers and offer the farmer a higher price for their superior quality beans. Direct Trade bean costs are typically higher than the minimums mandated by Fair Trade co-ops, but this premium allows Boca Java to hand-select even higher quality beans from unique micro lots that would be inaccessible without such relationships.

They work directly with farmers to choose the right crop -- allowing them to cup the best quality coffees available. When farmers are paid a fair price for their green beans they can, in turn, provide fair wages, health care, education, food, clean water, and shelter for their families and workers. This type of care also extends to the land and its surroundings, allowing the farmer to plant, grow, harvest, and package, all while taking care of their farm and the environment.

Boca Java is all about sourcing the very best coffees, the right way - from seed to cup - AND changing the world through the simple act of drinking a cup of coffee.

Over the last decade, Boca Java has traveled the world visiting the coffee growing regions to personally meet individual regional and estate farmers and cooperatives, to create direct relationships based on fair prices and fair practices. Creating direct trade relationships with small farmers takes a considerable amount of time and cost, and although Boca Java pays a premium for going the extra step, they believe it is simply the right thing to do.