Artisan Organization: Arganams

Country: Morocco

Imagine a tree, its roots stretching deep into the soils of southwestern Morocco. Kernels within the tree’s fruits contain a potent oil packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids especially nourishing to the skin.

Meet the argan tree and its oil, argan oil. Meet Arganams, a women’s cooperative in the small town of Amskroude whose members since 2012 have joined forces within a shared production facility to improve their economic prospects.

Meet Fatima, the eldest woman working with the co-op. Illiterate and innumerate, Fatima does not know her exact age, but she knows intimately the 20-hour process of harvesting the argan fruits, then roasting and pressing their kernels for the rich, nutty oil. As other ladies raised with brothers can imagine, Fatima relishes the opportunity to work among women.



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