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Yellow Toddler Bath Robe - Ages 3-4
Yellow Toddler Bath Robe - Ages 3-4
Yellow Toddler Bath Robe - Ages 3-4

Yellow Toddler Bath Robe - Ages 3-4

Perfect for drying off after bath time, or after a warm day in the back yard swimming pool. Made from Fair Trade kitenge fabrics and lined with a terry fabric on the inside, this robe is super comfy and fast drying! 

Sizing: Fits children ages 3-4

Measurements: 23" chest x 20" length

*Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: Wildlife Works

Country: Kenya

Wildlife Works aims to reduce global carbon emissions by preventing deforestation and land degradation. The company currently protects over 500,000 acres of highly threatened Kenyan forest, and the wildlife and communities that inhabit this land.

How do they do it? Here’s a win-win situation: Wildlife Works employs job creation as a conservation strategy, creating jobs that serve as viable alternatives for people who have previously had to destroy their environment just to survive. The organization’s projects create jobs ranging from horticulture to carpentry to conservation, and finances the development of small businesses such as the eco-clothing factory where your tote bag was crafted.

Eco Factory employees like Nora Matunda receive childcare support and are able to send their children to Wildlife Works’ free preschool. Employees like Nora are grateful for the ability to have their young children close by as they work.