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Hand Tufted Cotton Throw with Tassels
Hand Tufted Cotton Throw with Tassels
Hand Tufted Cotton Throw with Tassels
Hand Tufted Cotton Throw with Tassels

Hand Tufted Cotton Throw with Tassels

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Tailored with love from cotton, this gorgeous throw touts a mélange of handmade tufts and a methodical design. It is a picture of sheer elegance and sophistication, perfect for modern-day living spaces. Hand Tufting is a technique of textile weaving used to produce rugs or carpets partially by hand and partially by a mechanical tool. Individual yarn is punched through a fabric sheet using a handheld tool known as the tufting gun. Once the rug is complete a second fabric sheet is glued or stitched to the back to hold the tufts in place. 


Materials: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 66" x 51"

Country of Origin: India

* Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: Qalara

Country: India

"Qalara seeks to promote sustainable and meaningful consumption around the world, by reimagining the global supply chain. Building an ecosystem of trust and accountability, we aim to facilitate digitally enabled commerce between responsible buyers and sellers, from all over the world. Our mission is to make available the widest range of artisanal, ecofriendly, organic, recycled products across all consumer categories from South Asia and South East Asia, helping buyers of all sizes to source conveniently, reliably and affordably, while equally supporting producers and manufacturers gain access to global markets efficiently. Passionate about artisanal crafts, we aim to do right by the planet. Working with people across geographies and cultures, we believe in leveraging technology in simple but powerful ways to empower us all. And, we are committed to operational excellence. We also seek to do our bit for the planet, while working with like-minded responsible and ethical partners who resonate our values."

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