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Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2
Warm Kitchen
Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2
Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2
Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2
Warm Kitchen
Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2
Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2

Teak Wood Utensil Set - Set of 2




Give your kitchen a warm vibe with this set of natural wood kitchen utensils from Balinese artisan Rian Kusuma. Hand crafted from rich teak wood with an attractive natural grain, the set includes one flat spatula and one serving spoon. The wood is cured before being treated with a clear coconut oil coating.


  • Teak wood
  • 0.22 lbs
  • Smallest Piece: 12.3 inches L x 2.8 inches W x 0.4 inches D
  • Largest Piece: 12.3 inches L x 3.1 inches W x 1.6 inches D
* Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


Artisan Organization: Rian Kusuma

Country: Indonesia

I'm Kadek Agus Rian Kusuma. I was born in December of 1990 in Bali, where my father is an accomplished wood carver. He has always told me that we cannot obtain any success by doing nothing but, with efforts, nothing is impossible.

Bali is an island rich in culture and arts of all kinds. But my father gave me the spirit to work in wood like he does. Today, my father has begun crafting furniture while I'm more interested in tableware.

"After I graduated from the university, my father began teaching me the details of running an artisan workshop. I observed artisans through the entire crafting process. There are a number of wood carvers in town and they specialize in sculptures, relief panels, masks and home décor but I wanted to create something different.

"I'm married and we have a daughter. Being a father motivates me to seek more success in the workshop so I can give my wife and daughter a better life. My wife also helps me sell the tableware I create. Two other artisans collaborate with us.

"We work with teak and coconut woods using only manual tools like hand-grinders and lathes. The finishing is done with beeswax to set off the beauty of the natural wood grain."

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