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Shipibo Ceramic Flower Vase
Shipibo Ceramic Flower Vase
Shipibo Ceramic Flower Vase
Shipibo Ceramic Flower Vase

Shipibo Ceramic Flower Vase

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Add color and culture to any room in the house with a ceramic Shipibo Flower Vase from Peru.

The Shipibo tribe, one of Peru's most ancient ethnic peoples, maintains a strong tribal identity, ancient shamanic traditions and an enduring sense of community and collective wisdom. Likewise, Shipibo artisans share a common artistic inspiration that allows them to collaborate on large pieces, working interchangeably to develop cohesive arts and ceramics that many think have been hand painted by a single artist.

Shipibo art is well-known for its intricate designs, yet little understood by the outside world. Some anthropologists consider the geometric patterns an ancient language form; others speculate they represent an ancient cosmology, the mapping of the Amazon rivers or the shapes of an Anaconda. While anthropologists disagree on the exact meaning, art lovers may enjoy the elaborate design, soft curves and the light weight of each piece, which is handcrafted without the use of pottery wheels.


  • Measures 13 1/2" high x 5 1/2"diameter
  • Available in Cherry, Green and White

Handmade in Peru and fair trade imported.

* Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.